Learning to Change The World

STRIVE Prep is a community of public charter schools that challenges each of our scholars to learn to change the world.

Make sure you can access your Parent Portal account

Parents, take time now and save time later by making sure you can log into your parent portal account before registration begins. The parent portal is your main tool for everything you need related to your child’s experience at school so it’s important you can access it easily. Registration begins in late summer and we’ll send you updates as we get closer to the date.

First round of DPS SchoolChoice is closed, get notified when round 2 opens

The Denver Public Schools’ SchoolChoice round 1 window closed February 20. Families who participated in round 1 will receive school placement from DPS in late March. The next opportunity to select your STRIVE Prep school will be during round 2 in April.

Interested in one of our campuses? Would you like to get notified when round 2 opens? Fill out our round 2 form and we will contact you!

Any student who wants or needs to attend a new school for the 2019-20 school year may take part in SchoolChoice. Every year, families may submit one application per student, on which they rank their students’ top school preferences for the following school year. DPS then matches students to schools based on those preferences, as well as school admission priorities and available space.

Internet challenges come in many different forms

Internet challenges come in many different forms; they can be fun (Mannequin Challenge), silly, cause-related (ALS Ice Bucket Challenge) or competitive. Unfortunately, they can also be frightening (Momo Challenge) and encourage kids to demonstrate risky or unsafe behaviors.


Of students accepted to 4 year college in 2018


Of students identify as students of color


Of students receive special education services 

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Each team member at STRIVE  Prep wakes up excited and honored to make a positive impact for the families in our community. Although our Central Office team members aren’t teaching in the classroom, they are supporting a talented team of teachers and school leaders to help our prepare our scholars for a future of possibilities.

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Founded on the belief that every child deserves a high-quality education right where they live, STRIVE Prep serves 3,800 scholars all across Colorado.

To learn more about our STRIVE Prep schools, visit individual school pages linked under Our Schools.

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At  STRIVE Prep your child will discover the skills and confidence necessary to succeed in college and in life, both today and tomorrow, so they can making lasting impacts in their communities and change the world around them.

STRIVE Prep cares about your child’s individual needs more than any other school. It’s a more personable experience. As a parent, you feel like you matter, and you feel like your kid matters.

Erik Wilkins, STRIVE Prep - RISE Parent


STRIVE Prep schools operate under the core beliefs of justice, achievement and perseverance so that students are taught the skills to be successful not just in school and college, but throughout their lives.


STRIVE Prep is a place where students are learning to change the world and are inspired to give back and impact the communities most important to them. Every day, we inspire our students to think critically, communicate clearly and collaborate openly while fueling their curiosity and creativity.

Your Support Matters

STRIVE Prep, a community of public charter schools in Denver, CO, is where every student is learning to change the world. We believe our scholars should be able to access an education that is not only academically excellent but that also embraces each student’s identities.