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Where every scholar is

learning to change the world.

Our Story

STRIVE Prep is a community of charter public schools that challenges each of our students to learn to change their world. Founded on the belief that every child deserves a high-quality education right where they live, STRIVE Prep serves 3,800 students in 10 schools across Denver.

In 2006, Chris Gibbons, founder and CEO of STRIVE – Prep, opened the first STRIVE – Prep school with the goal of closing historic achievement gaps in Denver. Over a decade later, Chris’ vision continues to guide our schools. Whether students join us in elementary, middle or high school, we welcome every child to achieve a bright future, regardless of their background or previous academic achievement.


Board of Trustees

Our People

We are driven by a singular purpose — to have a lifelong impact on our kids and communities.

Our Voices

Together with our communities,
we’re providing students the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in school and beyond.

Our Mission

To meet every student where they are and empower them to succeed through college and career.


Core Beliefs

Achievement –   Justice –  Perseverance

STRIVE Prep Mission, Vision, Core Beliefs and Anti-Racist Statement (PDF) 

My school helps me acknowledge my own value – that I’m smart and can accomplish anything. My teachers genuinely think I have intelligent things to say. They aren’t just my teachers, they’re my support system and they believe in me even when I don’t always believe in myself.

Marina Ramirez STRIVE Prep - RISE, 11th Grader

Before I sent my son to a STRIVE Prep school I was concerned about the neighborhood – I grew up here and honestly it wasn’t what it is now, I was concerned about the quality of academics. Being at STRIVE Prep – Sunnyside has been the total opposite, I wish I had the support systems they have when I was growing up.

Joseph Vargas, STRIVE Prep Sunnyside Parent

The STRIVE Prep community means everything to me because I am a product of this community. It’s very empowering and I’m proud to give back to a community that has raised me to become the educator I am today.

Leah Andrews-Willis, STRIVE Prep - RISE World Studies Teacher

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