STRIVE Prep is becoming Rocky Mountain Prep beginning July 2023 so you have even more options for an ECE through 12th grade education!


STRIVE Prep follows specific guidelines to ensure that we support the Colorado Department of Education’s vision to advance and improve the state’s education system.

STRIVE Prep provides access to a variety of software applications that give students greater opportunities to learn, engage, communicate, and develop skills that will prepare them for college and career as well as contribute to their community. STRIVE Prep uses these online applications with scholars to further support and enhance their learning. In accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), STRIVE Prep has developed a list of the applications we use and links to their privacy policies.

Please click on each application link below for more information on the type of data shared as well as the specific privacy policy associated with each application.

STRIVE Prep will never sell student information and will never share more information than is required for legitimate educational interests.


Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) Requests

All requests to inspect public records must be submitted in writing to the official custodian of STRIVE Prep. You can view submission information and STRIVE Prep’s Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) policy here. The official custodian is the Director of Communications, or you can send a mailing to STRIVE Prep c/o Director of Communications, 2480 W 26th Ave #360B, Denver, CO 80211.  

Title IX Information

Title IX Grievance Policy and Resolution Process

Title IX Training materials

STRIVE Prep’s Title IX Coordinator is Ericca McCutcheon, Manager of Human Resources. Ms. McCutcheon can be reached at, by phone at 303.526.6022, or by mail at STRIVE Prep – Central Office 2480 W. 26th Ave., Suite B-360 Denver, CO 80211.

Red Flag Reporting

STRIVE Prep participates in Red Flag Reporting which allows employees to anonymously report concerning happenings, such as fraud, discrimination, misconduct, safety concerns, and more within the organization.  Not only was this recommended by our financial auditors as a best practice used in many organizations, but this tool is meant to provide STRIVE Prep employees with a safe, effective and anonymous tool to address concerns they may come across during their job. 

Reports may be filed through a website or phone call:

Call: 1 (888) 668-8720