Join Our Team!

Every team member brings something unique to STRIVE Prep’s community, whether it’s their passion, vision, problem-solving skills or a combination. Across campuses, our community of educators is nearly 500 strong. While our strengths, perspectives and experiences are diverse, we share a singular purpose — to have a lifelong impact on our kids and communities. At STRIVE Prep, you can help kids as they are learning to change the world.

At STRIVE Prep, you can help kids as they are learning to change the world.


Competitive Compensation

STRIVE Prep offers a competitive compensation package to teachers, leaders, and central support staff with generous vacation and opportunities for stipends.


STRIVE Prep employees participate in the nationally acclaimed Colorado Public Employee Retirement Association (PERA) program and can also choose a competitive 401K contribution option.


STRIVE Prep offers competitive medical coverage that is 100 percent employer-paid for employees with a generous discount for spouses and dependents.


Professional Development

  • Two weeks of professional development during the summer
  • Content specific professional development
  • Grade level planning
  • One-on-one mentorship and coaching
  • Frequent coaching from leadership
  • Fellowship opportunities for emerging school leaders


Equity and Inclusion

STRIVE Prep works to make a college preparatory education for all students in our community the norm, rather than the exception. To achieve this we are committed to building and sustaining a diverse team by maintaining hiring and recruiting processes that are free from bias and seek to provide each candidate with a unique and equitable opportunity for employment.

Relocation Policy

This policy applies to all full-time STRIVE Prep positions and is calculated using employees’ former address with STRIVE Prep’s Central Office address. We will provide a one-time relocation bonus of $1 per mile for everyone relocating outside the state of Colorado and within the lower 48 in the United States

For those who are relocating within Colorado (75+ miles from Denver), we offer a one-time bonus of $300. For those who are relocating from outside of the United States, Alaska, & Hawaii, we offer a one-time bonus of $2,000.

Please note that relocation expenses may be tax-deductible, but you should consult with a tax advisor.


Interview Process

Because our culture is so important to us, our interview process is intentionally thorough and rigorous. We want to ensure we are a good fit for you and you for us! 

Our Process

STRIVE Prep hires for positions on a rolling basis. This allows us to keep a tight timeline for candidates (typically less than 3 weeks from application to offer depending on the position).  Therefore, we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible

Our application process includes an online application, a phone interview, and possible other  components, depending on the role, prior to final interview. 

Please note, due to COVID-19 precautions, all final interviews will take place virtually until further notice, via Zoom, an online video conferencing service.

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1. Online Application

The online application form typically takes less than an hour to complete. You will upload your resume as well as respond to three short-answer questions aligned to our STRIVE Prep core beliefs.  

Tip#1: Learn About STRIVE Prep

Before starting your written application, we strongly recommend learning more about our network through our social media pages as well as the website. We especially suggest checking out our Facebook & LinkedIn pages as well as our annual Impact Report.

Tip#2: Highlight Your Successes & Experience 

On your resume, be sure to highlight your academic and professional achievements and leadership experience. We ask that your resume is uploaded as a PDF,  lists years of service in each role, and details job responsibilities that align with the job you are applying for. LinkedIn articles typically share great tips for resume writing. 

Tip#3: Polish Your Written Response

For your required written responses, make sure they are within the requested word count, error free, & authentically depict your lived experiences. The written responses are the first evaluation done of each candidate by the STRIVE Prep Talent Team.  Make sure you answer the questions thoughtfully and completely.  

2. Phone Interview

For most positions, within 72 business hours, you’ll receive communication from us indicating if you’re selected to move forward in the process or if we’ve identified other candidates with a better fit. If the team has determined to move forward with your candidacy, you’ll be invited to sign up for a phone interview with a member of our Talent Team.  

During your scheduled time, your interviewer will call you at the number listed on your application so make sure it is correct! If you have an international phone number, please share your skype ID and be prepared to sign up for a time between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm MT. 

Tip#4: Practice Using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) Format

Some of our interview questions start with, “Tell me about a time when you…”. For these types of questions, we suggest familiarizing yourself with the STAR response method. Since our phone interviews are only 30 minutes long, this method really helps to keep your answer concise! 

3. Final Interview

Within 72 business hours of your phone interview, you will receive communication from us. If you’re selected to move forward in the hiring process, you will receive an email asking for your availability for a final interview. Once a date is confirmed, you’ll receive a second email containing the following: logistics for the day of your interview, some information on who you’ll be meeting with, and all required pre-work. 

Our final interviews for instructional staff consist of two main components: a DEI article discussion as well as a sample lesson with a  coaching session. 

NOTE: Some roles contain an additional screening step of a performance task prior to invitation of a final interview. Your phone interviewer will share this information if it applies to your role.

Tip#5: Practice Using Zoom In Advance

If your interview is virtual, make sure to practice delivering your lesson virtually using any screenshare or annotation tools needed. Also, make sure you have the latest version of Zoom installed!

Tip #6: Actively Engage by Listening and Reflecting

At the end of our interviews, we will always ensure time to answer any questions you may have for us. We suggest keeping a notebook and pen handy to jot down any questions you’d like to return to. This lets us know you are actively engaged by listening and reflecting.

Tip #7: Be Yourself

At STRIVE Prep, our goal is to ensure every staff member can bring their best, authentic selves to work, and we want this opportunity for our candidates as well! Prior to your interview, we’ll share a slidedeck you so that you can learn a bit more about your interview team and how they identify. We know interviews can be stressful but please know our team is ecstatic to get to know you better!

Interview Component Descriptions

DEI Article Debrief: In alignment with our value of justice, part of your pre-work for your final interview will include reading a short article about diversity, equity, & inclusion. During your interview, you will share your reflections with a member of our team and discuss how DEI is related to our work as educators. 

Virtual Sample Lesson & Coaching Session: For some positions, you might be asked to deliver a prepared 10-15 minute sample lesson while your interviewer acts as a “student.” We are a common curriculum network and will provide the lesson plan and all materials to you. This is really an opportunity for you to see what the curriculum looks like as well as experience what a coaching session would be like. In addition, we believe in equity in our network. So, if you are brand new to teaching, our Talent team is happy to jump on the phone with you prior to your interview and answer any questions.

4. After the Interview

After your final interview, you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback on your experience. Please note that your responses bear no weight on your candidacy. You’ll be notified of the hiring team’s decision to offer within 48 business hours of your final interview. 

5. Offer Letter, Background Check, & Reference Checks

We do not ask for your professional references until an offer is made. Therefore, your employment with us is dependent upon the successful completion of your onboarding requirements as well as a background and reference checks. 

If an opportunity does not work out, you’re welcome to re-apply at any point. Should you reapply, you will need to complete a new online application as well as any additional required activities and interviews. 

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination required

As a condition of employment with STRIVE Prep, all candidates who accept a conditional offer of employment will be required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or submit and have an approved medical or religious exemption prior to the start of their employment. Individuals approved for an exemption will be required to wear a mask at all times and provide proof of weekly COVID testing. This requirement is in accordance with Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s public health order which requires all school employees in Denver to be fully vaccinated from COVID-19 or have an approved medical or religious exemption by Sept 30, 2021. STRIVE Prep continues to monitor legal developments regarding COVID-19 vaccine and booster mandates and we reserve the right to revise our policy as needed to comply with applicable law.