Principal Fellowship

At STRIVE Prep, there’s a pathway for you to become a school leader.


The STRIVE Prep Principal Fellowship is a two-year program designed to provide a pathway for those who want to become a school leader.

During the first year, participants hold a campus-based administrative role and participate in monthly professional development sessions.

During the second year, participants are a plus 1 administrator at their campuses, meaning they don’t have a specific role on campus and can take on more school-wide leadership roles. They participate in monthly professional development and also work toward completing a Principal Readiness Portfolio. Year 2 participants have a Partner Principal who provides ongoing coaching, support, and mentoring.  Year 2 of the Principal Fellowship program is essentially a trial period and Y2 Fellows will be automatically considered for promotion to a Principal position dependent on STRIVE Prep’s needs and upon successful completion of their Principal Readiness Portfolio and with the approval of their Partner Principal.

    The STRIVE Prep Principal Fellowship program is designed around must haves that were tested against successful STRIVE Prep principals and backwards planned. 

    The fellowship program is designed based on the 70/20/10 philosophy: 

      • 70% of learning/development comes from on-the-job experience
      • 20% of learning/development comes from the mentoring and coaching you receive
      • 10% of learning/development comes from formalized learning through professional development, reading, courses, programs, etc.


    The principal fellow programming is rooted in the STRIVE Prep Leadership Competencies and addresses the following key competencies in order to prepare future leaders to run schools where every scholar can learn to change the world.  

    Fellows will work towards the following competencies during their time in our two year program:

    • DRIVE RESULTS: Achievement Orientation 
    • DRIVE RESULTS: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
    • DRIVE RESULTS:  Decision Making
    • DRIVE RESULTS:  Planning and Implementation 
    • BUILD RELATIONSHIPS: Stakeholder Management
    • BUILD RELATIONSHIPS: Impact and Influence
    • BUILD RELATIONSHIPS: Self-Awareness 
    • BUILD RELATIONSHIPS: Cultural Competence 
    • MANAGE PEOPLE: Talent Development
    • MANAGE PEOPLE: Direction Setting 
    • MANAGE PEOPLE: Team Leadership
    • MANAGE PEOPLE: Performance Management 
    • ROLE SPECIFIC COMPETENCIES: Instructional Leadership
    • ROLE SPECIFIC COMPETENCIES: Student Culture Leadership



    William Carter

    STRIVE Prep - Westwood

    Brittney Cleark

    STRIVE Prep - Green Valley Ranch

    Jasmine Massey

    STRIVE Prep - Ruby Hill

    Chelsea Yondo

    STRIVE Prep - Federal

    Robert Barrett

    STRIVE Prep - Federal


     I am becoming a better leader through this program and I’m gaining the skills and confidence that would prepare me to lead a school as the Principal.”

    Ilana Bye

    STRIVE Prep - Federal

    I’ve been afforded moments to be vulnerable while simultaneously recognizing the critical values associated with leadership.”

    Nathan Mullen

    STRIVE Prep - Westwood

    Aisha Williams

    STRIVE Prep - Green Valley Ranch

    Beyond Year 2

    STRIVE Prep’s Principal Fellowship is recognized as an alternative licensure program by the Colorado Department of Education.  Upon successful completion of year two, fellows can submit their portfolio to the Colorado Department of Education and receive their Alternative Principal License. STRIVE Prep is pleased to offer this no cost professional development to our employees to support them in furthering their education and careers at some of the highest levels in K-12 education.


    • Interviews are held twice each year, once in the fall and once in the spring.
    • Fall Dates: October 20-21, 2021
    • Spring Dates: February 23-24, 2022


    Is the PF Position Paid?

    Yes! PFs are paid a competitive administrative salary.

    Where are PFs placed?

    PFs are placed at STRIVE Prep schools in the Denver metro area. See map below.

    When do I become a principal?

    PFs are typically preparing for a Principal position at STRIVE Prep within  1-3 years.

    Will I be a principal at the campus where I was a PF?

    Maybe. PFs do not always assume a Principal position in the same school PFs school site.

    When does the PF position begin?

    Our program typically begins at the start of a new school year and kicks off with STRIVE Prep’s summer training program.

    What do I do everyday as a PF?

    PFs are key members of a schools’ leadership and administrative teams. PFs coach and support teachers, lead teams, and work alongside Assistant Principals of Operations, Instruction, Student Services, and other team members. PFs are on a campus working with teachers, leadership, students, and families, every day.


    • Submit online application
    • Phone interview with STRIVE Prep Talent Acquisition team member
    • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion phone interview with STRIVE prep leader
    • Final Interview with STRIVE Prep interview panel

    For more information and questions about the program, contact Mika Krause. To speak to a recruiter, contact Desiree’ Beckett.