STRIVE Prep is becoming Rocky Mountain Prep beginning July 2023 so you have even more options for an ECE through 12th grade education!

A great teacher can change lives. At STRIVE Prep, we’ve seen this first hand – which is why we want to make sure that every teacher in our classrooms is prepared to be great at their job. The STRIVE Prep Teacher Residency Program pairs new teachers with an experienced teacher over the span of two years, creating a gradual on-ramp to the classroom with increasing responsibilities and expectations. Since the start of the program in 2016, more than 20 new teachers have been able to co-teach in a classroom for their first year and receive ongoing coaching and support in their second. STRIVE prep teachersFor teacher residents like Joey Fuller, now an 8th grade World Studies teacher at STRIVE Prep – Lake, the program changed his own life and also gave him the tools and skills he needs to be a great teacher and help his students learn to change the world. “I didn’t plan to be a teacher, but my senior year of college I learned about the program,” said Joey. “The idea of getting a lot of support as a first-year teacher made me interested, it was daunting to think about being in the classroom all alone, but knowing I’d have an experienced teacher with me was comforting and made me excited to learn.” Joey and his mentor teacher, Meghan MacNeil, taught together each day during his first year in the program – and Joey wasn’t the only one to benefit. “Having two voices in the classroom and the extra support during instruction made my day easier,” said Meghan. “I was able to stay in the classroom but still grow professionally as I became a better mentor and coach, and I’m grateful I was able to teach students and a future teacher.” When you support STRIVE Prep this Colorado Gives Day, you’re supporting our scholars, as well as the teachers and community that is supporting them as they gain skills to be successful in school and make an impact in the communities most important to them. Schedule your gift today and support STRIVE Prep in our pursuit to put the best teachers in front of our students.