STRIVE Prep is becoming Rocky Mountain Prep beginning July 2023 so you have even more options for an ECE through 12th grade education!

Welcome to Online Registration!

Welcome to STRIVE Prep student registration!

Before you begin: Log-in to your parent portal.

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*students will not be able to start school until registration is complete

In-Person Registration Event Info

In-Person Registration Event Details

More details to come once available. Schools are reaching out to enrollment students with specific information. 



  • Proof of birth (e.g. Birth certificate, Passport, Hospital Record) *New DPS students ONLY
  • Proof of address (e.g. water, cable, electric bills) if you have moved in the last 3 months
  • Form of payment for Technology Fee

SECTION 1 - DPS Online Registration

DPS Online Registration NOW OPEN!

Denver Public Schools requires that all families read and fill out their Online Registration packet. 

SECTION 2 - Free & Reduced Lunch Form

Select the form for your school:

FRL Form for: Federal, RISE, Ruby Hill, SMART, Sunnyside and Westwood

FRL Form for: Green Valley Ranch, Kepner, Lake, Noel

SECTION 3 - Technology Fee and Uniform Payment

Technology Fees are required for MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS ONLY. Elementary students are not required to pay a technology fee. Please select which school your child attends and follow the prompts to pay the $25 technology fee.

If you have two children in high school/middle school, please select and pay the fee for both schools. The technology fee has a max of $50 per family*. If you have more than two children in middle school/high school, you are still only required to pay for 2 of them.

Please reach out to your school for information about uniforms. Uniform policies vary from school to school.

*If you choose not to pay digitally, call your school campus to schedule a payment session with cash or check. 

If you attend STRIVE Prep – Westwood, you must contact the school to make your payment. 



This is the end of the STRIVE Prep 2022-23 Online Registration process. Please check your email frequently, as your campus will reach out to you to confirm your registration or let you know of any outstanding items. Please allow at least a week before receiving confirmation.

When you have completed Registration please click below to visit your school web page for updated information on school supply lists, uniforms, and more!


Need Help Logging Into Your Parent Portal?

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Schedule A Virtual Help Session

Please find your campus phone number below and call to schedule a virtual registration help session. You can also request an in-person help session, and an in-person session to complete a uniform or technology fee payment. 


  • STRIVE Prep – Federal  Phone 720.460.2800
  • STRIVE Prep – Green Valley Ranch  Phone: 303.999.2893
  • STRIVE Prep – Kepner  Phone: 720.485.6394
  • STRIVE Prep – Lake  Phone: 303.551.7200
  • STRIVE Prep – Montbello  Phone: 303-999-3825
  • STRIVE Prep – RISE  Phone: 720.485.6393
  • STRIVE Prep – SMART  Phone: 303.962.9880 x6142
  • STRIVE Prep – Ruby Hill  Phone: 720.460.2800
  • STRIVE Prep – Sunnyside  Phone: 720.723.2000
  • STRIVE Prep – Westwood  Phone: 303.962.9880

Registration Help Survey

Please fill out this survey and somone from your campus will reach out to you shortly to schedule a phone call.