STRIVE Prep is becoming Rocky Mountain Prep beginning July 2023 so you have even more options for an ECE through 12th grade education!

We write to you today about important steps we are taking to better adapt to the changing landscape in Denver and continue to provide high-quality education for our students. After much consideration we have decided that this school year will be the last year that we operate the STRIVE Prep – Lake. We will be consolidating our STRIVE Prep – Lake school with our other nearby middle schools. 

This was a difficult, but important decision that will allow STRIVE Prep to continue to best serve all of our students in this area. In reviewing the enrollment patterns of our Lake school over the past few years, we know that many of our Lake students live near other STRIVE Prep middle schools. By consolidating STRIVE Prep – Lake and moving many of those students to other STRIVE Prep schools, such as Federal, Westwood, Kepner and Sunnyside, we are ensuring students have access to well resourced schools that offer the broad and robust programming that all students deserve. This will also allow us to better meet staffing challenges and concentrate resources to build out academic, social, extracurricular and student support programs and services. 

STRIVE Prep and Lake staff have shown tremendous dedication to our Lake Shark students and families since STRIVE Prep – Lake opened 12 years ago, and we will continue that commitment through the end of this school year. 

We will continue to work closely with families to determine the right school fit for their child for the 2023-24 school year and support them during the Denver Public Schools’ SchoolChoice enrollment window which opens January 13. There are four STRIVE Prep middle schools within 4 miles of STRIVE Prep – Lake as well as other DPS options. Additionally, we are working with each STRIVE Prep – Lake employee to ensure they feel supported through the end of the year as well as helping them find positions in the network for next year. 

Thank you for your continued partnership and supporting all of our STRIVE Prep schools in providing a high quality education for our highest needs students in Denver. 

Here is a DPS announcement about unifying some of its schools

Message for STRIVE Prep – Lake families can be found here.