STRIVE Prep – RISE Parent/Teacher Conferences
STRIVE Prep – RISE Conferencias de Padres / Maestros

Look for the teacher or administrator you would like to meet with and their available slots by clicking their name. You must sign up for a time slot to meet with a teacher/administrator on March 12. If you need assistance or have any questions, please call the main office at 720-485-6393.
Busque el maestro o administrador con el que le gustaría reunirse y sus espacios disponibles haciendo clic en su nombre. Debe inscribirse en un horario para reunirse con un maestro / administrador el 12 de marzo. Si necesita asistencia o tiene alguna pregunta, llame a la oficina principal al 720-485-6393.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 1:30 PM – 6 PM
martes, 2 de marzo 1:30 PM – 6 PM

Aguirre, Marlyn : Registrar
Andrews- Willis, Leah : 10th World History
Ashe, Sarah : Educational Assistant
Banks, Nathan : MI Center Director
Batz, Kelsey : 10th Chemistry
Brown, Kandi : Junior Seminar, College Ready
Cano, Denise : Office Manager
Case, Mairead : 10th ELA
Chang, Ping Ping : Chinese
Curry, Shelley : 9th ELA
Dance, Cate : 9th Biology
Espinoza, Cristin : ELD 10th
Gonzalez, Bertha  : Operations Coordinator
Gonzalez, Yolanda : 10th Geometry
Gothelf, Ross : Civics/Economic – Life 101
Griffin, Bill : 9th Integrated Math
Harrell, Carlitha : SPED Dept Chair
Heltzel, Chad : 11th ELA
Jozwiak, Melissa : 10th Geometry
Kilic, Gordan : Algebra 2/ Concurrent Enrollment
LePage, Catie : MI Teacher
Mason, Jamie : Graduate Relay Biology
Matthews, KatiJo : Spanish
APC Mac : AP of Culture
Miller, Alia : Mild Mod (ELA)
Newby, Chris : 11th Physics
Osterbeal, Aaron : Athletic Director
Otey, Sydney : Graduate Relay ELA
Patton, Samson : 10th ELA
Peterson, Mandy : Reading Interventionist
Quiles, Luis : Educational Assistant
Quinones, Niria : AP of Operations
Roberts, Elisha : Principal
Saldivar, Alex : 9th World Geography
Samant, Jay : AP of Instruction
Saunders, Chase : 9th ELA
Silva, Grace : Dean of Students
Steed, Anna : Speech and Debate/Concurrent Enrollment
Teper, Maggie : ELD 9th
Urbaniak, Andrew : 11th US. History/ AP U.S.
White, Tawrence : Dean of Students
Williams, Chauncey : Mild Mod (Math)